The Greyhound mural is finally installed, although no-one told us and you can’t see it! The building hasn’t been finished and is derelict, but strangely the mural has been installed and is covered in scaffolding. We were contacted by the South London Press about the mural and made it to the front page!

It  was a lot of  work to get the mural finished since we won the competition. We (Lee, Ariana and Sandra, the team who worked on the mural) collected thousands of images from the local community, got the greyhound illustrated before we converted the image into the pixelated mural. We even designed the grass, carefully placing wild flowers so the images we received in so many different colours worked in the final ‘pixelated’ image. It’s been really well received by the local community. It seems such a shame that the mural has been installed on a building that still needs major building works which could mean the mural is damaged in the process.

The finished building would be a GREAT ASSET to the local community that is undergoing regeneration. We  hope that all parties involved in this project work together to ensure the building is completed to a high standard, as soon as possible. 

We would also quite like to see the mural now it’s installed.

We will update you once we know more.

Be good.


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