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We love this quote, so much that despite the fact that our Kickstarter campaign wasn’t successful we’re still going ahead with our 50/50 project… with a few changes.

We’ve scaled down production, and have a new addition to the ‘Home Sweet Home’ family. A laser engraved poster that includes these quotes:

  • “We rise by lifting others”
  • “We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give”
  •  “Be the change you want to see in the world”
  •  “If we always helped one another, no one would need luck”

These are manufactured in the UK using sustainably sourced plywood (of course!)

5050-8x10-Prints-Designed By Good People-01

5050-8x10-Prints-Designed By Good People-02

5050-8x10-Prints-Designed By Good People-05

Also, here is a little teaser of the card engraved version that will be available soon:


We also have some A6 (ish) hand prints available too. They’re hand printed on 100% recycled card:

5050-A6-Prints-Orange-Designed By Good People-01

5050-A6-Prints-Red-Designed By Good People-01

5050-A6-Prints-Blue-Designed By Good People-01

5050-A6-Prints-Yellow-Designed By Good People-01

We think they’ll make great Christmas presents. 50% of the profits will go to The Passage, to help them end homelessness.

Last year The Passage housed 125 people through their accommodation projects alone, that’s 125 people that don’t have to call the streets home anymore. If you want to help us  increase that number, please visit our Fifty50 Etsy Shop:


Designed By Good People Believe-text

Living up to this isn’t easy. We thought we would share what we have learnt and what we do to be as ethical and eco friendly as possible as a company (and people).

Energy is a big part of our carbon footprint. So we wanted to to make it as small as possible. We chose the supplier with the lowest co2 per kwh in the UK. They invest their profits back into the British green economy (thank you Ecotricity).

The internet uses a huge amount of energy. So we found a company that powers it’s servers with 100% renewable energy (thank you Kualo).

Company waste can be a huge problem, so alongside the usual recycling of paper etc, we found a supplier that strips old computer equipment or finds new uses for it (thank you Eco Computers).

Being good doesn’t stop at the office. We try it limit chemicals as much as possible. We do all our laundry with eco friendly soap nuts (thank you Living Naturally).

Most Christmas cards end up getting thrown away after the festive period has ended. We believe that this is the time of year for sharing and goods deeds, so we thank everyone who has supported us with a Christmas story that supports a good cause instead of sending out next years waste. You can find out more about this here.

Obviously, the nature of design means that you have to create print, but this also means that you should try to reduce it’s impact. We found a printer who have fantastic customer service and quality without costing the earth (thank you Kopycat).

We work with a lot of small, exciting businesses. But all businesses need investment in time, expertise and money. We wanted to so something that enabled us to use money invested in our services, passion and craft in others. We thought microloans was a good way forward. So far we have helped 71 people, investing $4600 (Thank you Kiva).

What do you do to be ‘good people’?

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