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A VERY, VERY, MERRY CHRISTMAS, Designed By Good People 2012


We don’t give out Christmas cards. But every year we have a Christmas story.

This is our third year. In the first year we bought gifts through Oxfam, buying mosquito nets, medicine, livestock and school books etc based on the 12 days of Christmas. Last year we bought 70 Children’s books for our local library that we helped the local community save from closure.

This year we are investing $1600 (£1000) in Kiva, helping:

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A good start to the new year…

Thanks to everyone who wrote back and liked our Christmas card. The response was quite amazing. These are the cards we were sent for the 12 fertilizer kits, 11 health check ups, 10 ration kits, 9 lots of school supplies, 8 water purification kits, 7 bags of crop seeds, 6 chickens, 5 mosquito nets, 4 Hygiene kits, 3 lots of coffee seeds, tools and training, 2 goats for breeding so families can have milk, meat and offspring to give to other families and a shelter for emergency relief for families in need that we bought from Oxfam with some of the proceeds from our first few months trading.
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This is incredible. Pranav Mistry talks about a new approach to technology, one that makes the interaction between the everyday tangible world and the world of data more intuitive. The speech given by the inventor of SixthSense is exhilarating:

The fact that he is willing to share this is beautiful. As children we are encouraged to share, help others and be a team player. As adults we seem to be encouraged to do the opposite.

Wouldn’t it be great if the few made this world better for the majority rather than majority making the world better for the few?

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