Do you love what you do?
More importantly, do you love who you do it for?

If not, why?

These were questions we asked ourselves 4 years ago. We worked for another agency and most of the work we did and who we did it for wasn’t fulfilling. We won lots of awards and we liked our bosses and where we worked, but it still didn’t feel right.

‘It still didn’t feel right’.

So we set up on our own. It’s a scary thing to do. Really scary. We had no clients to start with, it was a leap of faith, we didn’t really didn’t know much about running a business and we didn’t really know where we would get our clients from.

But we knew one thing. What we believed in. We believed in trying to be eco friendly. We believed in being ethical. We believed in working WITH people who were passionate about what they did. We believed in working with people who enjoy what they do, it’s what gets them out of bed in the morning.

They are like us. We understand them. It’s easier to do work you understand. And you do better work when you believe in what you do.

Then, after a few years, we discovered Simon Sinek. He was saying exactly the same thing. People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it. And he’s right. But so many businesses, so many start ups don’t do this. They think they are working to make money. That’s a result. Do what you believe in and you will find people who believe what you believe. They will be your customers.

What’s been interesting in this journey over the last few years is that we have had a lot of messages of support. Not just for the work we have done, but for what we stand for. Very often we get an email or a message ‘we love what you guys are doing’.

So if you share our values, get in touch. If we aren’t right for you we might be able to help you find someone who is.

Have a nice week…and be good.

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Designed by Good People

Over a year ago we invested $1500 in Kiva to help people invest in their future (SEE HERE), instead of printing a Christmas card that our clients would throw away, causing waste.

We are big fans of Kiva. You get a better high doing it than buying things you don’t need with money you don’t have to make impressions that won’t last to people you don’t care about, then you end up selling them on Ebay when you realise your house is full of clutter and you never used it after you bought it in the first place.

The latest people we have helped are:

ZAHRAE in Iraq to help her buy a sewing machine and generator and renovate her workplace to improve her business.
NIDAL in Iraq to help her buy 2 sewing machines for her business
TAMER in Palestine to buy a seeing machine and shelves to expand his workshop
VUKAR in Azerbaijam to buy a fridge and generator for his shop
JOSÉ RUBÉN from Nicariguia to help him pay for an ultrasound and buy medicine for his youngest son
SHANTALLE in the Dominican Republic to help her with her international Business studies

We have reinvested everything that has been paid back. This means we have lent $3350 to help people to help themselves.

We have invested in 25 countries around the world so far. We have found it inspirational.

If would be great if you join us and invest in Kiva too.

Here is the link: KIVA.COM

You can follow all of our Kiva Loans by clicking HERE.

Let us know in the comments if you join in.

Have a good weekend and have a good Friday.

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A VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS, Designed By Good People 2013


Every Christmas we try to live up to our name. For our first Christmas we bought gifts through Oxfam, buying mosquito nets, medicine, livestock and school books etc based on the 12 days of Christmas. The second Christmas we bought 70 Children’s books for our local library that we helped the local community save from closure.

Last year we invested $1600 in Kiva which we have reinvested as soon as it’s paid back, so that we have now loaned almost $3000, with over 42 loans to people in 22 countries.

This year we are donating £1000 to War Child rather than printing a Christmas card. Hopefully we can spread a little goodwill this Christmas by helping children in areas of conflict get one of the greatest gifts anyone can have. A childhood, an education and freedom.

We can only do this because of the support we have been given throughout the year.

We thank you all.

John and Yoko said ‘War is Over If You Want It’.

We do.

Have a very Merry Christmas,

Designed By Good People.

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“It’s absolutely stupid to do something you don’t like in order to carry on living doing something you don’t like. If money were no object, what would you do?

How would you really enjoy spending your life is money were no object?
Well, if that’s really what you want to do, then do it. And forget the money.
What makes you itch?

Better to have a short life full of what you like doing than a miserable life full of doing something you don’t. Continue reading

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Our latest Kiva loans. Want to chip in?

sewing machine_cc

As you probably remember last Christmas we made a few loans to entrepreneurs in developing countries across the globe through Kiva. We’ve been paid back  on time by everyone, which means that we’ve been able to carry on giving loans to more entrepreneurs.

At the moment we’re helping in a total of 18 micro-loans. These are the latest:

- We’re helping Safia in Pakistan buy a new sewing machine to improve her business

- Ami in Mali will use her loan to buy two bales of used clothing to sell

- Kumari in India will use her loan to renovate her mud house

We think they’re all causes worth helping. If you want to chip in and help us complete their loans we’re sure you’ll find it as rewarding as we have.

You can find out more about Kiva HERE.

Have a good weekend and be good.

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High streets are important, both for community and for place. They help define an area as being more than a collection of homes, but over time many they have lost their way, and yet shopping malls wouldn’t be around today if it wasn’t for the high street.

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As part of the Outer London Fund we are asked by The Muswell Hill Traders Association to create branding for Muswell Hill. They hold various events, many of which already exisited and had logo’s that were already in use. So the identity had to work with those, and new ones. The identity had to communicate everything that happened in Muswell Hill while still being emotive and recognizable. The solution was in the problem: Everything IN MUSWELL HILL. A variety of typefaces could adapt to emote various events, it could be fun, colourful and yet all still feel like one identity.

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A VERY, VERY, MERRY CHRISTMAS, Designed By Good People 2012


We don’t give out Christmas cards. But every year we have a Christmas story.

This is our third year. In the first year we bought gifts through Oxfam, buying mosquito nets, medicine, livestock and school books etc based on the 12 days of Christmas. Last year we bought 70 Children’s books for our local library that we helped the local community save from closure.

This year we are investing $1600 (£1000) in Kiva, helping:

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We have done a lot of work for small brands (much of which hasn’t come out yet so we can’t show anyone what we have been up to!). But alongside branding and packaging we have been doing a lot of high street improvement works.

We are working in Ruislip Manor alongside Hillingdon Council (who have been great), local businesses, the GLA, Meanwhile Space, Steer Davies Gleave and East Architects. We have been involved in the pop up shop there and improvements to shops and signage. We have run workshops with local businesses and are designing signage for a number of businesses there. It’s often tough working with so many small businesses, the council & GLA all at the same time and pulling together so many different quotes for the shops. But we hope to make a difference for people who matter, the little guys, the shops you know the owners of by name.

If you want to find out more about what is going on there, CLICK HERE

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